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Our range of services include:

  •    Safety Leadership Training
  •    Loss Control Techniques
  •    Technical Audits
  •    EIA Services
  •     Training
  •    HEMP Training
  •    HSE Mgt/Advisory Services
  •    HSE Certification
  •    Technical HSE Mgt
  •    Management Systems (HSEMS)
  •    ISO 14001 Compliance
  •     Hazard Management
  •    Project Quality/Inspection
  •    FRSC Certification
  •    HEMP
  •    Fire Safety Mgt
  •    Waste Mgt Service
  •    Risk Management
  •    HAZID
  •    Recruitment of Internationally Certified Safety Experts
  •    HAZOP
  •    Incident Investigation & Review
  •    Driver Training & Road Safety Mgt
  •    Crowd and Event Management

Management Systems (HSEMS)

Your very own Safety Management System.
Provide us with your scope of work and we will provide you with your HSEMS manual
Get that contract with a convincing safety profile
Take out the weakest link using multi level chains of safety procedures and processes

Loss Control Techniques

Significantly reduce your loss on investments by using these made to order procedures.

Risk Management

Get it right the first time, avoid costly mistakes
Pre planning is absolutely important.
Use these predictive tools as forecasts & troubleshooting alerts before you even begin.

Incident Investigation & Review

What is the best approach to use when investigating incidents?
Do your staff have the confidence to reveal the real truth to you to help prevent a reoccurrence?

Safety Leadership Training Series

Leading by example-Learn how to run safety courses for your workforce
Mentor your own staff

Train the Trainer

Acquire the building blocks to transform you into an HSE manager

Crowd And Events Management

Managing events involves a lot more than having emergency exits.
The ingredients:
  •    A Crowd
  •    Any trigger – an alarm or false alarm
  •    Armed Personnel

Hazard Management

The normal buzzwords and more: HEMP, HAZID, HAZOP

Emergency Response Planning & Management

The capacity to contain damage and reduce losses in an emergency depends on…
Training and Staff Organisation blueprints are …
Relevant legislation and codes for …
Rules & Role definition for staff who…
Works like clockwork-Emergency Response, when managed by the experts, is like a well oiled…

Emergency Services

Prompt action taken to minimise severity of damage relies on…
Personnel, Equipment and Deployment of both is crucial…
If Personnel do not trust procedures, equipment and feel they are overly exposed, they will…
Technical Audit of Emergency Services-The relevant drills and exercises…

Emergency Equipment-Scope
Equipment which must be in consonance with related emergency situation, area and vocation…
Wide range from portable fire extinguishers to earth moving machinery, light aircraft…
Municipality and Community emergency preparedness has broader scope…

Environment Assessment Services

An Inconvenient Truth?
Environmental abuse and Third World solutions are
Quality advice on safe standards and best practice before…
  •    Safety at Home
    Kids as road safety officers ‘Mum, Put on your seatbelt’, should be fire marshals at home
    The threat of deadly generator fumes, if a carbon monoxide alarm were
    CPR, Heimlich all skills…
  •    Driver Education
    Road Accidents, the greatest threat to human existence in Nigeria.
    A combination of bad roads, poor driver skills, safety regulations, road signs and badly maintained vehicles
    Driver error accounts for 80% of all road accidents
    The 3 Es of Road Transportation…
    Nigeria Highway Code
  •    Transport Fleet Operators
    We help manage your fleet to comply and also exceed FRSC Certification Requirements

Rider School